Engineering Division

Engineering Division

The Institute has state of art technical facilities required for media production. The content created is being broadcasted on 12 DTH Channels for One Class One Channel under PM eVidya a unique and prestigious initiative of MoE, GoI. CIET has technical facilities such as TV Studios, a LIVE Studio, Graphics / Animation, and Postproduction units, a Video Server system, Digital Learning Lab, Vidya Samiksha Kendra, Experiential Learning Centre, Conference Rooms, Outdoor Shooting facility. The Engineering Division is also streaming all the important events like Kala Utsav, Yoga Olympiad, and Role Play apart from the regular streaming of Live sessions on NCERT Official You Tube Channels. CIET also has the state of art Audio recording facilities such as Music Studio, Talk Studio, and Audio Editing units for broadcasting on FM Channels, Community Radio including Internet Radio for Live programmes, etc.”

Engineering Division

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CIET has two television studios of different sizes for indoor recording. The studios are fully air conditioned and acoustically well treated. Both the studios are designed as per broadcast standards.Both the studios have separate production control Room, Audio control room, VTR and lighting consoles. Out of two television studios, one is bigger in size and has more height. In this studio the lighting grid is controlled by a motorized panel. All studios are situated on the ground floor where as the control rooms are situated on the first floor.

The technical facilities provided in these TV studios are independently controlled with separate consoles, installed in different control rooms. Various types of modern sophisticated studio lights are provided at each and every corner of the studio.

Studios A :

Studio A is having the facility of recording dance, drama and quiz programmes. It has facilities of creative sets and Chroma for good quality programme production.

Studios B :

Studio B is smaller in size as compared to studio A and is used for production of interviews, simple demonstration, storytelling and panel discussion type of programmes with broadcast quality 3 camera set up. It is also used for LIVE telecast and streaming.

Sound Studio mainly consists of the following facilities:

  • Music Studio
  • Talk Studio
  • Radio LIVE Studio
  • Digital Audio Editing units.
Music Studio :

Music Studio has the latest facilities for multi-track audio recording with a Digital mixer for recording music and drama/play, etc. The studio maintains broadcast standards of reverberation time and acoustic treatment for good quality audio program production.

Talk Studio :

It has the latest facilities for Digital recording for panel discussions and talk, etc. The studio maintains broadcast standards of reverberation time and acoustic treatment.

I Radio Live:

Enriching educational audio programmes and LIVE  interaction /story telling  are being streamed through internet.

For catering the need of students and teachers for curriculum based programmes CIET has created the additional studio for LIVE programmes being transmitted on 14 DTH channels under PM e Vidya. The LIVE transmission is found beneficial to students and teachers not only during pandemic period but in normal conditions as well. It has a facility of recording as well as broadcast and streaming the Live content on social media platforms.

CIET has recently developed 2 nos. Vidya Samiksha Kendra for data analysis of various initiatives taken by Ministry of Education, GoI and NCERT as well. It has a state of art facility of Active LED wall and other associated equipment with smart podium etc.

CIET has recently developed Experiential Learning Centre for AR/VR content. The AR/VR Contents are more useful for students to understand the concepts in science and maths.

CIET is equipped with Non linear Video Editing and Audio Editing systems with latest configuration of iMac 27” and Mac pro machines with Adobe Master Creative Cloud and Nuendo software for post production work for good quality audio – video content. This software facilitates to work faster with numerous special effects. All the A/V editing units are connected in network with video server.

ICT Lab:

Recently CIET has developed state of art ICT lab for online and offline training of teacher s and teacher educators.

Digital Learning Lab:

CIET has the state of art Digital Learning Lab for ICT related training to teachers and teacher educators from all states and UTs in the country offline and online both.

VR Lab:

Recently CIET had created the state of art VR lab for capacity building of teacher and teacher educators for creating VR content.

Video Server:

For content creation and broadcasting the same 12DTH Channels a large storage space is required for saving Audio -Video content. CIET has NAS servers to cater this need.  All editing units, Graphic systems, and Audio Editing units are connected to the available NAS servers with LAN network. All Master Audio/ Video programmes are saved in the server for further dissemination.

Video Server 1
Video Server 2

Preview Room:

CIET has a separate preview room with the latest facility for playback of audio/video programmes in various formats.

Preview Room

200 PM eVidya DTH TV Channels:

Recently Ministry of Education launched 200 PM eVdya DTH TV Channels under One Class One Channel for the students.

Video Server 1
Video Server 1

Our Staff

Iamge of Ms. Kunda Shamkuwar
Ms. Kunda Shamkuwar
Superintending Engineer & Head, ED
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (213)
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Iamge of Ms Anupma Thukral Gr. A
Ms Anupma Thukral Gr. A
Assistant Engineer
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (212)
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Iamge of Sh. B. Lyngdoh
Sh. B. Lyngdoh
Assistant Engineer
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (432)
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Iamge of Sh. Daleep Kumar
Sh. Daleep Kumar
Engineering Assistant
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (121)
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Iamge of Sh. Sunil Kumar
Sh. Sunil Kumar
Engineering Assistant
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (110)
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Iamge of Sh. Ashok Mishra
Sh. Ashok Mishra
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (413)
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Iamge of Sh. Rohit Sahu
Sh. Rohit Sahu
Projectionist Grade I
Extn. Number
+91-11-26864801-10 (110)
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