Media Production Division

Media Production Division

The Division specially meant for producing media in the form of Audio, Video in single-medium or multimediafeature film, television show or series, video, commercial, photographic project, interactive computer or video game or other programintended for a nationalaudience and fixed on film, video tape, computer disk, laserdisc or other delivery medium that can be viewed or reproduced keeping in mind the contents available for school students.

Media Production Division

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Today Educational Technology is playing a significant role in the area of school Education. The demand of the production of audio/radio programs has considerably  increased  during last couple of years.  Here, it is necessary to mention that Gyanwani - Educational FM channel is operating  at more than 40 stations and Broadcasting  audio programs produced by CIET. These major Gyanwani FM stations are Delhi, Lucknow, Bhopal, Patna,  Indore, Mumbai, Jaipur, Allahabad, etc. To cater the existing programs requirements, the CIET has been producing  audio programs for broadcast as well as for non-broadcast modes.These programs have been developed in such a way that they could easily be incorporated into the day-to-day learning experiences of school and not school going children.  They can be used in the class room as well as at home.These programs are also useful to the teachers as exemplar material in areas not elaborated in the textbooks but a part of the curriculum. These are packages specially meant for the teachers. Audio Production Division is, dealing with the Production of Audio programs for  children of  all the age groups viz.

3 to 6 years, 5 to 8 years, 8 to 11 years, 12 to 14 years, 15 to 16 years.

The programs are catering the needs of the all areas  of Education such as,

1. Pre-school/Elementary/Secondary/Senior Secondary Education.

2. Science Education and Mathematics.

3. Social Sciences and Humanities.

4. Teacher Education and Extension.

5. Education of Groups with special Needs.

6. Women's Studies.

7. Value Education.

Audio Programme Production

The division produces about 100 educational Audio programmes in a year apart from Live broadcast on Umang on www. These programmes are curriculum based as well as provide enrichment. They are aimed at students and teachers.

They are broadcast from 14 Gyan Vani Centers. For the list of centers and schedule 

These programmes are made available from our Sale Counter. For the Catalog of Video and Audio programmes on Sale please 

List of Audio Programmes (2010-2011)

List of Audio Programmes(2008-2009)

At the Media Production Division (MPD) we are committed to produce high quality Educational Audio - Video programmes for the school going children (age 5 to 18 years) and teachers (primary and secondary).

The division conducts its programmes with the help of the teams of enthusiastic and qualified Producers, Cameramen, Floor Managers, Floor Assistants as well as light men etc.

The Division also has four subdivisions: Camera, Graphics, Scenic and Administration.

Media Programmes are produced in two languages viz. English and Hindi. The programmes are telecast through National Telecast (DD) as well as Gyan Darshan Channels and they are also made available on CD/DVD formats to the students, teachers as well as general public.

Video Programme Production

The division produces about 200 educational video programmes in a year apart from Live Telecast programmes 3 hours per week (on Gyan Darshan 1 from 3 to 4 pm). These programmes are curriculum based as well as provide enrichment. They are aimed at students and teachers.

They are telecast on DD 1, DD Bharti and Gyan Darshan 1

List of Programmes produced (2009-2010)


Graphics subdivision of VPD is headed by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nimesh. He is assisted by Ms. Roshan Idikuley and Ms. Renu.
The subdivision supports the Video production through the computer graphics, animations, and other such inputs.Graphic subdivision works through its lab which is well developed.


Puppets subdivision of VPD is headed by Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nimesh. Mr. Pramod Sharma, nationally acclaimed puppeteer assists Mr. Nimesh. 
The subdivision designs and develops various types of puppets which are used in video production. The subdivision also conducts training programmes on “Puppets in Education” for the teachers of primary. Recently a 3-day workshop was organized for the teachers of Demonstration Model Schools (DMS) at Regional Institutes of Education (RIEs) of NCERT.

Video Production Division produced Four Programmes with Internationally known Ventriloquist Mr. Ramdas Padhye, Mumbai.

These Puppet shows are based on social and environmental messages. Now a days there is a great need to sensitive children about socially relevant issues.

Sh. Ramdas Padhye, an eminent personality, in the world of puppet presented four programmes in a very interesting humorous manner.A brief introduction of the above programmes are as follows:-

i) Apne Ko Pehchano:- In this world each and every existence is unique.There is a need to recognize one's own abilities and capabilities.

ii) Pade Bachao:-  The theme of the programme is to save trees as the trees are the most important aspect of our environment.This Programme focuses on the burning issue of 'Save Trees'.

iii) Jeene ka Dhang:-  To be successful in life, one needs to inculcate good habits from the very childhood.This programme 'Jeene Ka Dhang' highlight the importance of good habits in our life.

iv) Dharti Inki Bhi Hai:- The Mother Nature en-composes in itself the enormous beauty to appreciate. This programme 'Dharti Inki Bhi Hai' motivates children to appreciate as well as respect that beauty.

Camera Unit

Camera subdivision of MPD is headed by Mr. Anil Lonare. He is assisted by a team of Video Cameramen.

A  Dynamics of moving picture or movable material has certain properties that the static shot lacks.Moving picture can depict change, one can modify the picture as the audience watches; altering subject prominence,redirecting attention introducing  or removing information , modifying the mood. The cameraman can convey directly the dynamics of movement, growth, development, etc. The moving picture offers continued interest unlike the still picture. The movement attracts. The camera movement provides continually changing stimuli.
The  Cameraman  attempts to assist the Director or T.V.Producer  to produce attractive significant pictures,that direct audience attention and influence their feelings about the subject and it's surrounding environment described in the script. The significant tools in the hands of the cameraman are Lens angle, lighting gadgets, track -trolley, small studio crane to create virtual sense of movement in the scene decided in advance at the planning stage of treatment of story line along with cameraman in realism.

        The cameraman creates the perspective &  dynamic movement in the scene with the help of following arrangements:-

1   Composition by Design
2   Composition by Arrangement
3   Composition by Selection
4    Pictorial Balance
5    Visual Rhythm
6    Subject prominence
7    Unifying Interest
8    Picture Shape/Pictorial treatment
9    Composition Continuity in Multi Camera Production
10   The  Dynamic effects of Tone  

The approach of the cameraman as an artist on a blank canvas  paints the picture with line, tone or color in any way he chooses with the limits prescribed in the story line or visual concept thoughtfully decided by the Director of the Film. A rough plan of the staging layout usually begins with drawing potential scale outlines of the settings including the main features - windows, doors, stairways etc. The Director's instructions concerning composition are indicative principally in terms of shot sizes or through a storyboard sketch showing the detailed composition of certain key shots. The Make-up person, Set Designer, Costume Designer/Wardrobe, Light-man  &  studio  lighting engineer  continuously  assists the Cameraman in creating the atmosphere required by the Director of the programe strictly in accordance with the story line.  Camera rehearsals as seen on camera, this treatment enables the Director &  Make-up artist to judge eventual detailed work and changes needed .

The Photo Unit
The staff working in photo unit assists the council in recording activities &  news of Constituent Units of NCERT and CIET. The seminars , research workshops , Conferences, Sports events, cultural programs, still photography of T.V.Production activities is a round the year exercise conducted by Academic staff and  Media unit of CIET. The still pictures are stored on CD for future use by NCERT  for the purpose of  publishing  News Letters  &  Annual Report. The still photographs are put up on Web-Site of CIET  disclosing differential activities  taking place  around the year. 

The Camera unit & Photo Unit consists of following staff members :-

List of Cameramen :Anil Lonare,Diwaker Nimje, Rakesh Kumar

Lightmen:Gaber Singh,C.P Singh,R.K.Gulati

Photo Unit: R. C. Das,Nand Kishore,Behari Ram

Scenic Subdivision

This subdivision assists the producers in designing and creating appropriate sets for the programmes. Also, the wardrobe and property are created and maintained by this subdivision.

Mr. Avtar Sahani is the head of this subdivision and is assisted by a team of staff.

Our Staff

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