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The organized system of learning is undergoing tremendous change with the ever evolving educational structure, advancement in science, information and technology. In this digital era, smart gadgets, networks, immersive technologies etc. have become part and parcel of human life. Information Communication and Technology (ICT) has proved to be a contributing factor to accelerate the progress of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its speed, quality and accuracy. COVID-19 pandemic situation and the lockdown has transformed the society in general including every teachers, students and parents, who have skilled them in technology and empowered use of ICT intervention in education which have become a new normal. Several initiatives have been taken up at international and national levels to leverage the advantage of technology and integration in education as recognised by National Education Policy 2020.

The National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes the importance of Educational Technology for digitally equipped schools, teachers and students. Technological intervention should be used in all aspects of school education which includes planning, teaching learning and most importantly in assessment. Technology should be used to minimize the human interface in education for promoting quality education. Development of e-content in regional language and provide in various digital platforms for teachers, students and educators. The policy proposes various technological innovations (like coding, gaming, software development etc.) to be introduced in school curriculums and import those skills among students. The policy also urges to use effective digital tools to facilitate teacher education and encourages the utilization of technological platforms for online teacher-training. ICT-based educational initiatives must be optimized and expanded to meet the current and future challenges in providing quality education for all. Online education/ digital education can be attained only by eliminating the digital divide and ‘equity’ another major concern should be addressed through technology. It is proposed to create the National Educational Technology Forum for exchanging ideas and enhancing the use of technology for learning, assessment, planning, administration and addressing the challenges in both school and higher education.

It is need of the hour to share the knowledge and experiences on the advantages of emerging technologies for its further integration in the educational system. Deeper discourse on various recommendations related to technology in education as per NEP 2020 like Online Education, Digital Infrastructure, Online Teaching Platforms and Tools, Content Creation, Digital Repository and its dissemination, Online Assessment and Evaluation, Blended models of Learning, Virtual Labs, Cyber Safety and Hygiene etc is essential for making effective integration of technology in educational system. This conference will provide a platform to discuss and showcase the works on ICT integrated Teaching-Learning Assessment, Teacher Preparation, Professional Development, Enhancing Educational Access, e-Governance and automation of services involving processes like admission, attendance, tests/ competitions, scholarships, awards, rubrics, e-portfolios, assessments, certification, credit transfer, and digital lockers, etc.

Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence etc. are evolving due to which new pedagogies are also emerging. Across the world, teachers are using appropriate tools and resources to reach out to the stakeholders. At this moment awareness among teachers, educators, students and parents on user friendly and inclusive technological tools is a requirement. Digital India Campaign envisions to create core basic digital infrastructure, online delivery of services through Mobile App, Web Portals and Digital literacy of citizens including students, teachers and educators. Skill development and achieving the triple goal of skill, scale and speed using ICT is need of the hour and help enhance bridging the digital divide. Developing and deploying ICT based materials for such people is one of the major concerns of NEP 2020. This can be only addressed through the convergence of policies, schemes, programes at National and International various levels of partnership and collaboration. This conference aims at bringing in a knowledge forum that will help each other in sharing of researches on ICT in Education and teaching-learning assessment. Valuable and fresh insights in the form of suggestions, recommendations of theory, and practices in ICT education are welcomed.

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