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National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in its para 5.15 and 5.16 lays down the need and standards for enabling opportunities for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of school heads and teachers in order to enhance and enrich this human resource, as they are the most fundamental pillar of the education system. This recommendation of the NEP emphasises on generating the need for self improvement and staying abreast with the latest innovations and advances in their profession. To achieve the desired target of seeking 50 hours of CPD, multiple modes of training have been suggested by the policy, including in the form of local, regional, state, national, and international workshops as well as online teacher development modules. In this context, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is offering online CPD courses to help teachers gain the best in the given time they have at a pace of their own, as per their interests and convenience. 

Online Courses

Courses on Diksha

  1. Access DIKSHA portal or Install DIKSHA mobile app.
  2. DIKSHA portal
    DIKSHA portal
    DIKSHA mobile app
    DIKSHA mobile app
  3. If you are using DIKSHA for first time for doing courses, register on DIKSHA (Registration need to be done only once in the DIKSHA portal or mobile app)
  4. Login with your ID and password
  5. Click on the following course link or scan QR code given below and access the course
  6. Enrol in the course
  7. Access the resources given in the courses and learn through the resources
  8. Take up the assignment, score 70% and above and get certified
  9. Download the certificate from your profile page
  10. For further information on accessing the course and certification refer to the guideline.

General CPD Courses
Five Hours Short Courses

Courses on Swayam

  • Register onĀ
  • Access the course by clicking on the course link
  • Enroll in the course for FREE.
  • Learn the content and complete all activities
  • Take up the final assessment and get certified

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