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Audio-Radio Programmes Produced by CIET – NCERT

CIET produces high quality audio programs with effective media treatment such as, apt music, sound effects and involvement of seasoned and refined artists of good repute in media world. Programs are mainly produced in Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Urdu.

The programs are produced under 2 major categories.
  1. Curriculum based audio programs from classes 1 to 8- These programs are based on the chapters of NCERT textbooks and mainly produced in teaching mode in interesting manner so that the pupil can learn with joy. These programs have been found to be very effective during COVID-19 pandemic as schools are closed since long. School children are greatly benefited by these programs.
    This series is called “Dhwanishala”.
  2. Enrichment, infotainment and edutainment programs- CIET produce good quality enrichment programs to fill the gap areas in the curriculum. These programs are produced in almost all possible audio media formats such as documentary, feature, magazine, talk, interview, music and docudrama etc. These programs cover a very wide spectrum and themes.
    This series is called “Umang”.
The prominent areas covered with their levels are-
  1. Language- Pre Primary to Senior Secondary
  2. Math Magic–Primary
  3. Girl child- Upper Primary to Senior Secondary
  4. Music- All levels
  5. Great cultural heritage of India- Upper Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary
  6. Great Personalities of India-Upper Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary
  7. Great persons who have changed the world forever-Secondary and Senior Secondary
  8. Panchtantra-Upper Primary
  9. Specially abled children focusing inclusive education-All Levels
  10. Environmental awareness-All Levels
  11. Science up to - Upper primary level
  12. Internet safety- Upper Primary and secondary
  13. Energy conservation- Upper Primary and secondary
  14. Audio spots-All levels
  15. Jingles-All levels

World-Wide Dissemination Of Audio Programs (ONLINE and ON-AIR) Through The Following Channels

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