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Television Studios

CIET has two fully air conditioned television studios (Studio A and Studio B). These studios are used for indoor recording purposes and acoustically designed as per broadcast standards. Both the studios have separate production control rooms, Audio control room and lighting consoles. The technical facilities provided in these TV studios are independently controlled with separate consoles, installed in different control rooms.  Various types of modern sophisticated studio lights are provided at each and every corner of the studio. Both the studios are established on the ground floor of the CIET building, the control rooms are on the first floor.

Studio A

Studio A is bigger in area with more height. Generally this studio is used for production of drama and dance programs where creative sets are required for the production. In this studio the lighting grid is controlled by a motorized panel.

Studio B

Studio B is smaller in area as compared to studio A. This studio is used for production of programs such as, interviews, simple demonstration, story telling or panel discussion etc.

Sound Studios

Sound Studio mainly consists of Digital Audio Studio ( Music Studio) and Digital Audio Studio (Talk Studio). The control room of the studio has a digital Audio Mixer and recording facilities with monitoring system etc.

Music Studio

Music Studio has the latest facilities for Digital recording for music and drama/play etc. The studio maintains the broadcast standards acoustic treatment and Audio editing console.

Talk Studio

This studio has the latest facilities for Digital recording for panel discussions, talk shows etc. The studio maintains the broadcast standards of reverberation time and acoustic treatment.

Digital Audio Editing Units

Professional Audio Recording and Editing Software is used for recording, editing audio programmes. These Software provides the facility to work on up to multiple tracks as per the professional requirement.

LIVE Studio (iRadio Live)

For catering to the needs  of students and teachers for curriculum based and enrichment programmes CIET has elaborated the additional studio for LIVE programmes which is being transmitted on 12 DTH channels under PMeVidya. The LIVE transmission is found beneficial to students and teachers not only during pandemic period but also in normal conditions. It has a facility of recording as well as broadcast and streaming the Live content on various social media platforms. CIET has also initiated a new facility of internet radio for LIVE audio programmes where from the streaming and live broadcasts are offered to the target audience for 6 hours a day along with live for half an hour.

Outdoor Recording Unit (ENG)

This unit works on various outdoor recordings and for recording videos on HD format. This unit is equipped with Cameras, portable lights, Video monitors and other related  accessories.

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