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Digital Wellness

In today’s tech-driven society, cultivating an awareness of Digital Wellness is crucial for safeguarding our mental and physical well-being and helps us maintain a balanced relationship with technology, fostering a future that is healthier and more harmonious. Digital Wellness refers to the mindful and balanced use of digital devices by regulating screen time, taking regular breaks from digital devices, and being conscious of how digital interactions affect our overall well-being. It encourages a thoughtful approach to technology use, ensuring a balance between online and offline activities, while also safeguarding privacy and managing the impacts of digital overload. By adopting these principles, individuals can prevent issues such as digital eye strain, poor posture, and mental health challenges like anxiety and depression, while also promoting better sleep, healthier relationships, and overall physical well-being. Focusing on Digital Wellness also plays a significant role in reducing stress, improving concentration, and fostering healthier physical habits by mitigating the adverse effects of prolonged screen time and constant connectivity. It contributes to better time management, boosts productivity, and ensures the protection of personal data and privacy.

As we navigate an ever-evolving digital landscape, embracing Digital Wellness is fundamental to building a healthier, more equitable, and sustainable world. Enhancing education and raising awareness about Digital Wellness will significantly benefit students, teachers, and other stakeholders by improving their mental and physical health. This proactive approach helps minimize distractions, address addiction issues, and promote digital literacy, leading to enhanced mental well-being. Furthermore, it supports healthier sleep patterns, encourages good posture, and balances online and offline activities, thereby improving overall physical health.

As part of the online training series on ‘Cyber Safety and Security’, for the month July, 2024 CIET-NCERT is organising a five-hours online training on  “Digital Wellness” from 1 - 5 July, 2024 in English version and 8 - 12 July, 2024 in Hindi version from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm, to enhance the understanding of teachers, students, teacher official educators, and various stakeholders. The online training will be live on NCERT  YouTube Channel- and also be simulcast through PMeVidya DTH TV Channels numbered #6-12 and Jio TV mobile app.

Objectives of Training:

After completion of the training series, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the policies and viewpoints surrounding digital wellness.
  • Recognize the importance of digital wellness.
  • Grasp the various components of digital wellness.
  • Identify methods for managing digital addictions.
  • Describe practices for maintaining well-being in the digital realm.
  • Comprehend the responsibilities of different stakeholders in promoting digital wellness.

Who Can Participate?

Students, Teachers, Teacher Educators, Parents, Administrators and all those who are interested.

Program Schedule
Day & Date Title of the session Resource Person Banner Link Presentation link Video Link
Day 1:
Monday July 1, 2024
Digital Wellness - An Overview Dr. Yatan Pal Singh Balhara,
Professor of Psychiatry, AIIMS, New Delhi.
Day 1 Presentation_Day 1 Video
Day 2:
Tuesday July 2, 2024
Factors that Impact Digital Wellness Dr. Shreya Shukla,
DM (Addiction Psychiatry) Resident, AIIMS, New Delhi
Day 2 Presentation_Day 2 Video
Day 3:
Wednesday July 3, 2024
Ensuring Physical Wellbeing in Digital Spaces Dr. Deepali Negi,
DM (Addiction Psychiatry) Resident, AIIMS, New Delhi
Day 3 Presentation_Day 3 Video
Day 4:
Thursday July 4, 2024
Mental Health Concerns in Digital Spaces Ms. Yashita Ahluwalia
PhD (Clinical Psychology) Scholar, AIIMS, New Delhi
Day 4 Presentation_Day 4 Video
Day 5:
Friday July 5, 2024
Ensuring Mental Wellbeing in Digital Spaces Ms. Alisha Arora Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology, CIP, Ranchi Day 5 Presentation_Day 5 Video

Organising Team:

Programme Advisory:
Prof. Amarendra P Behra, Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi.

Prof. Indu Kumar, Head- DICT, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi.

Programme Coordinator and Course Coordinator :
Dr. Angel Rathnabai, Assistant Professor, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi.

Technical Coordinator:
Ms. Sejal Beniwal, Junior Project Fellow, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi.

How To Participate?

Step 1: Registration :
Register yourself by clicking the link :- Or by scanning the QR code -

Step 2:  Watch live sessions and learn about the topic :
Attend training sessions, which will be live-streamed on NCERT Official Attend training sessions, which will be live-streamed on NCERT Official YouTube channel - from 1st July, 2024 till 5th July, 2024 at 4:00- 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday). The session will also be telecasted live on the following:

  • PM eVIDYA channels #6-12
  • DD Free Dish channel #28-34
  • DISH TV channel #2027-2033
  • Jio TV mobile app

If you missed the live sessions, you can watch the recording using the playlist link given below :

Step: 3 Take up the online course, participate in post assessment and get certified :  
If you are interested to earn a certificate, you need to do the following:

  • Join the online course that will be launched on DIKSHA portal.
    Course link :
    This course will be open till 30 March, 2025.  
  • Join the course, go through all the five videos.
  • Take up the final assessment in the course. You can attempt the assessment thrice
  • If you score 70% and above in the final assessment, you will get a certificate. You can access their certificate in your DIKSHA profile page itself. It may take 15-20 days to receive the certificate. 
  • If there is any problem in portal, raise your complaint in teacher help in the DIKSHA portal

For further information on accessing the course and certification refer to the guideline.

Step 4: Submit Your Feedback :
Submit your feedback using the link or the QR code-
or by scanning the QR code

This feedback form is intended to know your experiences, learning, and suggestions regarding the online training. Kindly share your experiences and suggestions with us. This will help us in further improvement of the virtual training process. Confidentiality of your responses will be ensured.

For any queries, reach us at or call : 8800440559

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